An ambitious technological project

At its regular conference Resco.NEXT at the end of 2020, Resco introduced a revolutionary professional smart watch – NIVY Watch. The device, which has so far been used only to measure users’ sports activities, is changing the terms in the B2B segment and offers an effective replacement for single-purpose business solutions for employees. With its hardware premiere, Resco wants to appeal mainly to larger companies in the field of production and industry, to whom the NIVY Data Factory watch and cloud will help to optimize costs, streamline processes and better plan the use of manpower.

3D image video for a modern brand

On the occasion of the launch of the new NIVY Watch smart watch brand, we created a stylish video for the client in a realistic 3D view. Attractive animation with dynamic music, stylish effects and a precise editing from our production perfectly presented the spectacular design of the watch, excited the audience and ensured an attractive product launch right at the start of the presentation.

Website full of effects

We have also prepared an interactive product website for the successful activation of the NIVY Watch brand. It is built on visual storytelling, which takes full advantage of animated 3D models and demonstrates the NIVY Watch’s thoughtful ecosystem in combination with an ingeniously designed charging station, docking port and NIVY Data Factory platform. Clean design, minimalist typography and elaborate animations confidently make the ambitious product one of the world’s technological leaders.

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