Corporate culture and brand image as a priority was created in the early 1990s as an idea of three young entrepreneurs who had a vision to bring the features and convenience of the CRM platform to mobile devices so that they could be accessible from anywhere in the world. Today, it is one of the most reputable IT companies awarded membership in the prestigious Gartner Magic Quadrant, as well as the Slovak Business Diamonds award.

Over the years, the company has grown to three times its original size, making it feel the significant need to take a targeted approach to creating and maintaining a corporate culture and improving the brand’s image in the job market.

Understanding brand goals and people’s needs

We started the cooperation by identifying the goals of Employer branding from the perspective of the company’s stakeholders. After conducting individual interviews with Top and Middle management, we gained a comprehensive picture of the vision, goals and challenges that the Resco brand will face in the coming years. However, we were only able to create a truly relevant solution based on information from employees. They are the elementary part of the brand and everyday creators of intra-corporate culture.

For the needs of the project, we selected and formed a total of four focus groups along the working group, with which we continued to work on the basis of predefined criteria. In the research part, we surveyed almost half of the company’s employees. We subsequently processed the outputs from the interviews and used them as a basis for the EVP design and the setting of the basic attributes of the brand.

Positioning and defining of EVP

Resco differentiates from its competitors in the labor market in several attributes. However, according to the results of group interviews, the high degree of independence and the ability of each employee of the company to make a significant contribution to its direction became the most prominent. The idea of empowerment – the ability to really influence what is happening in company and to be a driving force for change – has therefore become a key platform for creating EVP – Become the moving part of tech family.

Values supporting the mission of the brand

The proposed EVP follows the strategic definition of the vision, mission, mission and positioning of the brand. It has a strong activation potential and directly reflects the most distinctive cultural element of the Resco brand – constant progress thanks to the individual contribution of each team member. In addition, we supported the value anchor in the form of EVP with the basic pillars and values of the brand.


New visuality and communication concept

After the EVP design, its testing and correction, we started to create a visual and communication concept in cooperation with the verification focus group. It is closely linked to the defined EVP and expresses the individual’s ability to change and move the brand forward. The so-called Rube Goldberg Machine – also known as the “domino effect” – has become a simple visual analogy. Visuality, in its simplicity, expresses the idea that a single weak impulse can set even very complex mechanisms in motion and initiate change.

The simplistic design of simple geometric shapes builds on one of the key values of the brand – simplicity and illustrates what a single person passionate about the cause with desire to better themselves and improve world-class technology, can do.

Positive color and uniform typography

As the Resco brand did not have a comprehensive logo and design manual with a defined color palette of basic and complementary colors at the time of realization of employer branding activities, we created a temporary manual to maintain the visual consistency of employer branding activities. The main colors have been the long-established dark blue in combination with the positive yellow-orange color.

The basic typographic style of the brand and the employer branding activities is unified by the Myriad Pro font family in all its sections. Their combination in creating visuals provided us with the necessary design variability and allowed us to work skillfully with often large text, e.g. in the form of employee citations.

Attractive career subpage

The visuality of employer branding activities has been transferred from the interior of offices and branding of social networks to the career subpage on the Profesia website. Attractive photos of employees, authentic quotes and a lot of useful content in the form of values, benefits and vacancies, we unified with the overall communication of the brand and passed a unified experience across all communication channels on to the potential candidate.

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