World-wide design,
extraordinary technologies

The MH2 is the first Slovak hydrogen car whose design immediately impresses with its extravagant, predatory, supersport look. Its propulsion is provided by a patented prototype of a tandem hydrogen compressor, developed by the Technical University of Košice. The MATADOR Group brand sees technology as a potential alternative not only to standard combustion engines, but also to the often-criticized electric drive.

Dynamic colors,
bold typography

When choosing the color and typography of the project, we built on the sophisticated design of the car. We thus continued the work of designers from the Aufeer Design studio in Prague, which cooperates with brands such as Bentley, Ferrari, Audi and Airbus. Bold turquoise combined with elegant black and copper colors give the brand’s visuals a technological, yet premium look. The simple lines and wide range of Neue Haas Grotesk fonts, in turn, increase the design variability of the visual and allow it to be easily adapted to different communication formats.

Použité farby MH2

An eye-catching

The logical structure and extraordinary design became the foundation of the MH2 project’s presentation website. Modern visual elements and attractive animations, which impeccably demonstrate the concept of the car and guide the visitor through its unique appearance and technical parameters, are designed for the smoothest possible experience on any device. The website also provides information on the possibility of a live car show at the EXPO World Exhibition in Dubai or the opportunity to download an image brochure of the concept.

An attractive
product brochure

The audience can also learn about the story of the MH2 concept, its design, performance parameters and unique hydrogen technology thanks to an attractive brochure. It draws from large-format photographs and non-traditional typography, which corresponds to the bold design of the car and moves the project’s communication to a global level.

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