The growth of the company introduced a new perspective on people

KLIMAK was founded in 1993 as a business name for the company (a natural person) of one of the founders. 10 years later, the company’s turnover reached more than 10 mil. euros and then doubled within three following years. During its operation, the company has expanded its portfolio to include four additional independent brands, which complemented its business vertical and made it possible to cover a complete service of client’s requirements.

However, the number of employees grew as did the company and its projects. Today they are employing 120 specialists predominantly in managerial, technical and engineering positions. Furthermore, KLIMAK is expanding the team to include more than 200 external installers, depending on the project. However, it is not an easy task to motivate, satisfy and expand such a large team and the company swiftly realized the need for strategic branding within the context of the labor market.

To recognize the brand is not enough, we need to understand it

Due to our long-term cooperation with KLIMAK and its employees, we have gathered a lot of information about the company’s internal culture. However, in order to gain an even better introspective into the functioning of the company and the management perspective, we have allocated a great amount of data not only from personal interviews with the management, but also from extensive materials provided by the KLIMAK brand and its representatives. By examining these documents, we managed to uncover the company’s message, mission and long-term direction. This information served as a platform for the creation of company’s core pillars and values.

Klimak employer branding hodnoty

The foundation of the brand are trust, team, progress and technological

After the strategic setting of positioning, vision, mission, message and brand values, we also delved into their visual interpretation. We primarily based our task of designing a wide spectre of visuals on the core pillars of the brand – teamwork, technological playfulness, trust and long-term growth. Additionally, we have involved the KLIMAK representatives in the design process, as their initial idea of ​​the visual in the form of the well-known game Tetris was developed into other games in the form of Rubik’s Cube, Ludo or Lego. The appealing slogans and captivating animations have given visuals the momentum needed to make them attractive not only to potential candidates but also to current employees.

A good team makes for a good environment

To functionally unify the brand‘s communication, we have created a simple and concise slogan, based on a set EVP (Employer Value Proposition) brand that reflects what the KLIMAK company has long sought: bringing skilled people and reliable technologies together to create a comfortable environment to improve people’s lives. We have captured this idea in a simple claim that applies across the brand’s communication: A good team makes for a good environment. Moreover, the color scheme of the communication reflects all the companies within the brand portfolio and consolidates them as a closed entity.

klimak employer branding - plagaty 1 2x
klimak employer branding - plagaty 2x
klimak employer branding - mockup kolaz aplikacia 2x

People must know values in order to live them

To bring new values, EVP and a clearly defined mission statement to the attention of employees as early as possible, we have designed a series of materials that tell the story of the brand in an understandable and appealing way. Branded notebooks, mugs, interior screen animations, email signatures and notifications with information about new employees have disrupted the daily routine of people in the company and serve as a constant reminder of where the KLIMAK brand is heading.

Klimak employer branding wlecome pack brozura
Klimak employer branding poznamkovy blok
Klimak employer branding wlecome pack hrncek
Klimak employer branding onboarding card

Not only in the offices, but also out in the field

Certainly, the people working out in the field could not go unnoticed. Assembly and technical staff, who rarely reach KLIMAK’s offices, are just as equally important for the company, therefore it was necessary to adapt the communication of values ​​for them as well. In this case, we switched mugs and notebooks for branded protective helmets, toolboxes, and unicells to make sure that employees have the opportunity to be introduced to, understand and start living according to the new values.

Klimak employer branding prilba
Klimak employer branding kufrik

Both traditional and new communication formats

However, we did not draw a line here and when it comes to means of communication, we also displayed new values ​​together with EVP on standard media such as rollups or branding of company cars. One of the unconventional touchpoints we adopted, to make sure that the communication message reached all employees, was payroll branding.

Klimak employer branding wlecome pack letak
Klimak employer branding CEO list
Klimak employer branding dodávka
Klimak employer branding rollup

Consistent internal and external communication

A fundamental part of our work was also communication in external environment. Potential job seekers at the KLIMAK company were particularly impressed by the complete re-design of the career website, engaging employee quotations, an attractive newsletter and a branded subpage on the web portal.

Klimak employer branding karierna stranka profesia

A versatile communication concept

The visual representation of the pillars and the EVP of the brand is designed with regard to use in both online and offline means of communication. Additionally, we have been able to place the unobtrusive logo that accompanies the entire communication in smaller areas and thus made the whole visual identity a single functional unit.

Klimak employer branding karierna webstranka

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