Bolder in unison

After years of operating as three separate companies, the founders decided on a significant transformation. They merged their experience, stable capital background, perfect knowledge of the region, and high ambitions to bring global solutions to the local market. Such attributes were covered under the brand IPROM, which is the result of the effort and unified philosophy of people who love their work. People with open mindsets place customer needs at the core of their thinking. With the desire for unity came the need for a clear strategy and an attractive identity. These motivations led us to our first collaboration.

Just a matter of perspective

Global in attitude, local at heart. Approaching opportunities can be done in various ways, and the approach of the IPROM brand is certainly not conventional. With a brand new perspective and unique outlook, we ventured into not only the design of the strategy but also the creation of the brand idea. After conducting a discovery workshop, this new perspective guided us throughout the entire collaboration process. It enabled us to define vision, mission, purpose, and tone of voice, and helped us establish the fundamental conditions for IPROM’s successful operation in the domestic market.

Mature, progressive, and bolder

IPROM is built on people who believe that ambitious projects can be realized in Slovakia as well as abroad. This is why the brand is founded on openness, precision, fair approach, and the integration of global solutions into Slovak regions.

We frankly yearned to express these values and the idea of the outcome, not only through the brand idea and strategy but also through engaging design. From the beginning, we had a clear goal: to break away from the visual chaos we encounter daily and offer a fresh perspective.

Therefore, we created a design with perfect harmony. It reflects muted colours, pleasant typography, and a unique pattern inspired by lenticular flips. At its core is a minimalist typographic logo that conveys the brand’s modernity and innovation, clearly signalling its new positioning.

Aesthetics and function harmonised

The implementation of the new identity in online and offline environments touched all aspects of the brand’s visual communication. Following clearly defined principles in the design manual, we developed branding for IPROM’s social networks, templates for digital outputs, newsletters, and emails.

Attention to detail was essential in preparing promotional materials. Business cards, advertising banners, letterheads, and document covers consistently apply an integrated approach across all touchpoints. Each interaction with the IPROM brand is not only visually pleasing but also consistently maintained over time.

Wit and flair

We captured the passion and enthusiasm for unique development projects within the environment of our new website. This website features bold branding, daring typography, and pleasant photographs. With smooth animations and subtle interactive elements, it carefully supports the brand’s approach while infusing intelligence and elegance into the entire solution. The transformation of the website took shape through several stages, starting from wireframe design to final programming.

Activated by enthusiasm

After preparing the strategy, identity and website, we embarked on planning and executing the communication launch. This will include communication on social networks and PR activities in the coming periods, which are essential for the successful launch of the newly established brand with a stronger market positioning.

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