Destined to excel

Formerly presented under the names Nitrasklo and Glassolutions, Glasora sought a significant transformation. There were several reasons for the change, but the most fundamental one was the shift in ownership rights, transitioning the company from the structures of a multinational corporation into the hands of local Slovak shareholders. Another objective of the rebranding was also the client’s need to break free from geographical and segmental limitations while maintaining its stable position in the industry.

Legacy molded by decades

Over the course of more than a quarter-century of production and processing of insulating glass, GLASORA has undergone various changes and name transitions. From being a local company known as Nitrasklo to merging with Venisklo and eventually becoming part of the global giant Saint Gobain as Glassolutions, the brand has felt the need for change while consistently contributing to progress and innovation.

The peak of glass craft

Expertise in the segment, sufficient flexibility, and legal protection across all of Europe. These were the essential foundations on which we built the new name for GLASORA. The brand doesn’t merely reference a longstanding tradition of quality and innovation but also embodies the ambition to be part of the European elite in insulating glass production.

The brand new name is a combination of the words GLAS (glass) and ORA (peak, edge). It symbolises the pinnacle mastery of glass craftsmanship, quality, and purity that characterise the brand. While it retains the essence of glass from its original name, Nitrasklo, its anglicized form breaks down both local and industry barriers.

Forces of unity

The foundation for developing the brand strategy was a deep understanding of the brand, its history, and its future ambitions. Thanks to the execution of a discovery workshop, we were able to understand not only what the brand represents but also its goals, values, and corporate culture. Based on the information obtained, we defined a clear brand idea, positioning, vision, mission, and purpose.

We have come to realize that it is the connection that forms the basis of the values of this unique brand. Just as the peak connects two or more sides, glass connects two worlds. The interior with the exterior, functionality with aesthetics, honest craftsmanship with innovation. Ultimately, by combining quality and experience, GLASORA transforms buildings into objects with higher functional and aesthetic value.

Minimalism, purity, and quality

The new, clear visual identity with which the brand entered the market expresses a passion for creating products built on quality, experience, and a continual pushing of boundaries. In its creation, we drew inspiration from nothing other than glass.

The key element is the logo, consisting of the prominent symbol “G.”. This symbol alludes to the pinnacle of glass functionality and aesthetics. Its construction allows for easy application to any surface in various forms, such as embossing, debossing, or embroidery. The unique symbol is complemented by minimalist typography and monochromatic color, giving the brand a premium character.

The new visual identity truly resembles glass. You are aware of it, yet it enhances your life without imposing itself from every angle. It is quiet, unobtrusive, subdued, and yet harbours undeniable strength within.

An ongoing stage

The development of the GLASORA brand itself has been fully manifested not only through its new naming and visual identity but also by creating an extensive array of communication touchpoints. When preparing marketing materials, we emphasised conservative colour schemes, minimalist typography, and a meticulous selection of photographs. These impactful visuals and versatile designs have graced billboards, citylights, printed materials, and even employee work attire.

Those changes, however, were not limited to offline environments. Simultaneously, in our design process, we also considered brand communication in the digital realm. In our effort to maintain ongoing communication and regular client engagement, we expanded our activities to include PR and consistent content creation on social media platforms. In today’s world, these platforms are crucial communication channels, especially for B2B-oriented brands seeking dynamic progress.

Our continuous activities on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn help GLASORA better understand the needs of its customers and build strong, long-lasting relationships.

Crystal clear future

As we keep up with the pace of project incentives, we proceed with the refined design of an interactive website that will further strengthen the brand’s position. With meticulously considered details, we aim to achieve a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functional experience. We are convinced that the new GLASORA will bring even greater visibility and captivate customers not only with its quality but also with its elegant identity.

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