Bold New Logo

The new logo departs from the original figurative character of the monogram FS. Instead, the refreshed logo finds resonance in the stylized diagonal stroke of “A,” embodying smiles and the enduring positivity Fitshaker brings to women’s lives.

Familiar Colours in a New Light

The visual language in terms of colour palette continues with its established colours, enhanced by the addition of another dominant hue. The brand’s fundamental palette now boasts a unique combination of orange and purple in varying shades, representing vitality, creativity, and the drive to advance.

Furthermore, we’ve expanded the primary palette with specific colours that symbolise popular Fitshaker challenges, facilitating easier user orientation and instantly differentiating each challenge visually.

Functional and Unified Typography

Significant changes were also seen in typography. We unified the previously extensive usage of script and sans-serif fonts, choosing ‘Chillax’ as the primary font for the entire brand’s visual communication. Complemented by trendy doodle lines, it diversifies the typographic style, while the “Century Gothic” alternative ensures flexible typography.

Geometry and Lines as the Visual Foundation

The backbone of the new visual identity is geometric shapes. Their distinct application, coupled with colour contrasts and integration with photographs or illustrations, bestows the brand with a unique character. Paired with custom-made doodles designed to expand identity options, emphasise emotion and movement, and guide the user visually, they form an integral part of the brand’s visual outputs, offering the utmost flexibility across all communication platforms.

Tailor-made Icon Set

A pivotal feature of the new visual identity is the design of a wide range of iconography. Over 80 symbols sorted into various thematic categories underline the brand’s new visual language and establish its timeless character. The icons not only enhance and unify communication but also streamline content navigation for audiences.

Original Illustrations with a Distinctive Character

Original illustrations, mirroring the brand’s colours and style, offer a versatile means to depict exercises, settings, or situations without intricate photo production. 2D objects reflecting the brand’s colour and visual style were enhanced in specific sections with lines to highlight the depth of the illustrations, giving them the necessary volume and dynamism.

Clear Composition with a Detail-rich Approach

The breadth of the new identity is also manifest in static formats, from print ads to online banners and larger formats. Simple composition principles, consistent typography, and familiar colours immediately captivate, guiding the audience’s attention and engagement.

Dynamic Video Elements

Fitshaker is an online fitness platform built primarily on valuable video content. We have, therefore, transitioned the new visual identity from static formats to dynamic video elements as well. Everything, from opening screens, intermissions, timers, name tags, informational cards to final pack shots, has undergone a change. Fans can now experience Fitshaker in its full functionality and beauty not only on mobile apps and computer screens but also on TV apps and YouTube videos.

Social Networks with a Visual Update

What makes Fitshaker a genuine ‘love brand’ is its meticulously managed social media. Witty, educational, and always spot-on posts keep the community active and united, motivating even the laziest to exercise. During the redesign process, we also grappled with updating their visual presence. The new style has thus been incorporated into daily communication, testing not only its versatility and conceptual nature but also easy management by the client.

Stylish Merchandise and Handy Features

Part of the rebranding and design of the new visual identity was the creation of stylish merchandise, allowing the brand to connect with its audience in a familiar and immensely popular manner – from hoodies and leggings to fitness accessories.

Packaging Design for the Years Ahead

We also translated the new visual language into the design of attractive product packaging. Sustainable packaging design is versatile for different package types, flavors, colors, and sizes. This ensures Fitshaker’s products have a captivating modern look, distinctly setting them apart from competitors and unifying a previously incoherent product portfolio.

Favourite challenges
with flexible design

The challenge logos have also undergone a significant change, we have changed them into attractive “badges” with a much simpler and more variable use. This way, they complement not only classic visuals with photos, but also illustrations or playful social media posts. Each of the designed badges uses a specific colour scheme and icon, allowing Fitshaker to flexibly expand its challenge portfolio in the future.

Functional and Attractive Landing Page

We didn’t just test the new identity in static formats, videos, and social media. It was also put to the test in terms of web design. For the brand’s first-ever challenge after redesign, we crafted an engaging landing page that showcased not just its beauty but, importantly, its functionality.

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