The Dynamic Monogram – The New Foundation for the Logo

Profibroker has been active on the Slovak financial market for nearly 10 years, and its visual identity has evolved alongside the growth of the company, just as many local brands have done. However, at the end of 2022, the company owners decided to significantly revamp the logo and visual identity, building it into a comprehensive set of visual assets. After initial discussions with the client, we proceeded to propose design concepts for the new logo and visual language. The winning logo design features a bold monogram “PB” and brand name. This uses an infinite line and a distinctive tilt to embody the speed, progression, and adaptability of the brand in the ever-evolving landscape of finance.

Practical Brand Guidelines

We consolidated all aspects of the strategy and new visual language for the Profibroker brand into a comprehensive logo and design manual. This serves as a crucial source of information, ensuring consistency in managing the brand’s image and communication. By following these clear guidelines, the brand can maintain a unified voice both internally and externally, thereby strengthening its position as a trusted partner in the financial and real estate worlds.

Ingenious Colour Scheme,
Bold Typography

The new visual identity of the Profibroker brand is defined by a combination of red and black. These colours symbolise stability and express the brand’s bold character and desire to do things differently than its competitors. While red evokes energy and reflects the brand’s commitment to providing exceptional financial services, black aligns with the principles of reliability, credibility, and professionalism, crucial for building strong relationships with clients and partners. The proposed typographic style bridges serif and sans-serif fonts, representing a harmonious balance between the brand’s stability and progressiveness.

Unique Icon Set

A crucial part of the new identity is a unique icon set that consists of simple lines with transparent transitions. These give the icons a distinctive look that clearly aligns them with the rest of the visuals, while maintaining the simplicity and clarity of their meaning.

Dominant Symbol
as Central Motif

The proposed visual language is centred around an iconic symbol—an abstract representation of the initials “PB” (Profibroker). This simple yet flexible shape paves the way for new possibilities in applying the identity across various communication platforms. It allows the brand to display it in an infinite variety of formats and combinations—from solid colour surfaces, delicate lines, to image photographs, or abstract patterns.

Extensive Identity
in Unified Design

Profibroker’s employees are in constant contact with clients to achieve excellent results, not just online but offline as well. The new visual identity, therefore, had to be carried across numerous outputs—from standard correspondence, for which we designed business cards, envelopes, folders, letterhead, to digital formats like email signatures and presentation slides. Everything comes in a unified design that provides a consistent experience for every client.

Valuable Foundation for
Brand and Product Campaigns

Beyond the identity, we also designed a set of key visuals in various formats and for the client’s diverse purposes. Brand awareness and product campaigns all share a unified design style, making them quickly and clearly readable from all the brand’s marketing outputs.

Attractive Merchandise You’d Want to Own

The distinctive “PB” symbol extends beyond standard identity elements to attractive merchandise. By using different representations of the symbol, we ensured the variability of the design outputs, while clearly and consistently interconnecting them. The result is stylish mugs, t-shirts, and slippers that are not only a pleasant addition for employees but also a lovely gift for existing clients.

Flexible Approach to Social Media Branding

To simplify working with the new identity in the online environment and on social media, we also designed a set of various templates for the client. These templates facilitate the preparation of individual posts and ensure their consistent appearance. There are also captivating animations and a broad portfolio of formats, from stories to carousels, to further enhance the brand’s online presence.

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