Purpose formed over the years
and newly defined values

The main goal of SZRB is the development of the Slovak Republic through the continuous development of entrepreneurs and companies. Therefore, development has become a key attribute defining a new brand strategy supported by the values of partnership, empathy, flexibility and responsibility following which is essential for creating a consistent brand experience (BX), not only in the external environment, but also inside the organization.

szrb banka case study - brand

A key document defining the brand’s
strategy and visual language

The new brand strategy, vision, values, tone-of-voice and visual language are unified in a clear brandbook, that serves as a northern star for any decisions impacting the brand image or communication.

Original color with
a new character

Refreshed colors build on the original combination of black and white, complemented by elements of deep green, but uses a new ratio of their application. In terms of typography, it relies on the sans-serif font Open Sans, which stands out with its simple lines and versatility.

tvorba fontu pre szrb banku
tvorba fontu pre szrb banku

Refined iconset for a smoother navigation

One of the key elements of SZRB’s new visual language is the precisely designed icon set, that the brand uses in most of its online and offline touchpoints. Their descriptive character and simple lines properly complement the message on the visuals and supports their clarity no matter the context of use.

An iconic symbol as a pillar of new design

The key element of the brand’s visual identity is a consistently used symbol of three interconnected circles representing the three main entities involved in mutual interactions: the business environment, the bank, and the government. The symbol works as a distinctive visual metaphor that can be used across various communication touchpoints to increase recognition and memorability of the bank.

plagáty szrb banka
roll-up szrb banka

A unified visual language
across all platforms

The iconic visual symbol of circles has also found application in merchandise and standard business correspondence. In combination with a specific color palette, all elements look uniform and consistent. Step by step, we implement visual language elements into the interiors and they also appear during press conferences and events organized by the bank.

šálka szrd a jej brand

Redesign as a catalyst for
social media activities

The new brand strategy and visual identity of SZRB became also a strong catalyst for the brand’s activities on social media. Therefore, the brand has a stronger platform to not only showcase its products but also to share news and insights from the company culture.

facebook szrb banka

Attractive product campaigns
in a uniform style

During our cooperation with SZRB, specific product online campaigns also became an important part of the activation of the brand’s strategy and identity. The campaign visuals are made up of a combination of eye-catching copy texts built on imaginative word plays and minimalist graphics that respect the consistently designed visual language.

A single source of truth
for all entrepreneurs

The SZRB has undergone major changes both physically and virtually. An attractive website with modern elements and a clear structure allows the bank to create an unlimited number of product landing pages. Through this brand may constantly expand the portfolio of products and information for funding applicants.

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