Harmonious Living in Záhorská Bystrica

Thanks to the construction of many recent development projects, the location is becoming more and more popular. And no wonder: Good accessibility to the center of Bratislava, combined with the surrounding nature of the Malé Karpaty mountains with cycle paths nearby as well as a full set of amenities and services provide residents with the real comfort of a city while they can enjoy the privacy of rural living. The new rising project in this popular neighborhood perfectly fits the concept of the developer’s antecedent projects, and even surpasses it at certain points. Living complex made of low-rise buildings, equipped with balconies, terraces and front gardens, offers many built-in smart solutions.

Our task was to come up with a concept that would embody harmonious urban living with its smart solutions, while highlighting the character and premium quality of the Pod vrškami location.

Naming and logo for a smart project

As far as the naming goes, we aimed for a name that evokes a feeling of home, harmony and embraces an active lifestyle. LIVANA is a concise and harmonized symphony of sounds conveying the right emotion for our audience.

The dominant logo element became a symbol reflecting the building’s floor plan and a pin indicating the location on the map. The combination of these two elements created a logo defining the harmony of living in the premium location Pod vrškami.

In terms of color, we focused on a palette of pleasant earthy shades, which, however, do not appear muted, but on the contrary, evoke a premium feel. The tonality is dominated by shades of dark brown and salmon, which are suitably complemented by timeless white and black.

Fine-tuned touchpoints

We transformed the set visuality into various touch points both in the online and offline environments. Within the offline world, we have created a set of presentation materials, printed materials and merch, the aim of which was to expand awareness of the LIVANA brand among a wider audience. This initiative also included creating a series of billboards, citylights, rollups and presentation brochures.

Communication strategy divided into four stages

After defining and anchoring the visual identity, we proceeded to set up a communication strategy based on the functional model of SEE – THINK – DO – CARE framework.

We have therefore divided the communication into four phases, setting up each phase in order to reach its own selected audience and to get them to take the desired action at the right time.

In order to achieve the most effective performance, we adapted appropriate visuals and formats to each phase of the campaign: We deployed, for example, programmatic advertising through the DV360 or Etarget platforms, but also conversion-oriented formats such as Facebook Lead ads, Google Search, Google Discovery and Performance Max.

The results proved our STDC strategy succesful.

Within 10 months of an ongoing campaign we have achieved the following:

  • we were able to get 136,275 users on the website
  • The users spent an average of almost a minute and a half on the website
  • The number of information-only forms submitted was 3,668
  • We also received the total of 487 hot leads that showed a serious interest in the buying of property

The last number speaks for the quality of visitors we were able to drive to the website, considering that in order to sell one apartment, we needed to get only 6 hot leads.

Premium and timeless design of icons and visuals

We prepared a series of banners deployed both online and offline as part of the first three phases SEE, THINK and DO. The creative work was carried out in the spirit of bringing in a sense of harmony, which can be clearly perceived from the headlines used and also from the overall visuality, emphasizing the premium feel and timelessness. The design is dominated by minimalist symbols based on a custom-made icon-set. They allow for a highly flexible work and application, and they can also be used in the form of cut-outs and masks for example.

Spreading the word through various platforms

In order to stay up to date and reach more people within the target audience, we keep spreading current information about the LIVANA project through regular newsletters and blog articles. The content is subsequently distributed through Strossle, a native advertising platform.

In the net of social networks

We handle online communication of LIVANA with comprehensive management of the relevant social media Facebook and Instagram. On a monthly basis we create valuable and unique content that reflects the location’s character, the project’s housing offer and the benefits that LIVANA offers to its future residents. In order to support the feed’s attractiveness and stir up our target group’s interest, we use various formats, such as: single images, double images, carousel, 360, animations and many others.

One-click info

As part of our online communication, we have created a user-friendly website that offers visitors a valuable information base about the LIVANA project, such as an in-depth description of the location, the current offer of housing, financing options and interesting blog articles evolving around the topic of Pod vŕškami living.

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