Huge brand, big goals

Hitachi Zosen Inova is perceived as one of the world’s largest companies operating in the field of waste management. An effective utilization of secondary resources and their transformation into energy or other materials is crucial for the company’s future as well as for the planet. However, achieving that requires the right people in the right positions. Thus, HZI sought our assistance in establishing a functional employer brand. After the initial meeting with stakeholders, we took a time to form a strategy that was informed not only by in-depth interviews but also by an internal online survey. These data helped us define relevant employee value propositions (EVP) and determine the communication approach that would resonate with both current and future employees, too.

A significant work

The challenge at the outset of our collaboration was primarily in understanding how the company is perceived by its employees. From the data we gathered, it became clear that themes such as individual freedom, social responsibility, and innovation resonate with the majority of respondents. These insights hinted at defining the pillars and promises through which the client should communicate its uniqueness in the job market. After extensive consultations with the client, we developed an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that succinctly reflects the essence of the company’s existence and its primary engineering programme focused on waste-to-energy solutions and resource sustainability.

Frank communication

With the inclusive narrative “Transforming waste into energy,” we focused on communicating the company’s atmosphere and work culture in an authentic way. Alongside designing the employer brand strategy we also conducted a photoshoot with employees. Throughout all phases of the campaign, they made clear statements about whereabouts that led them to apply their experiences to positions at Hitachi Zosen Inova. In the phase aimed at strengthening employer branding as well as in the active recruitment part of the campaign, we utilized not only real data but also opinions that were supported by the results of internal surveys.

Hiring professionals

In the recruitment part of the campaign, we undervalued nothing. The redesign also extended to the recruitment page on the job portal. All of this aimed at growing traffic and reaching potential candidates who resonated with the Hitachi Zosen Inova EVP. We successfully achieved our goals, especially by maximizing the website’s capabilities. In addition to job listings, we acquainted candidates interested in job positions with the company’s history in a clear and structured environment. More than that, we also introduced the audience to its key values and specialties, where individual candidates can thrive.

Many faces of recruitment

When it comes to communication concepts, we elaborated on newly established social networks. By doing so it aided us in initiating communication in the local market, separate from the ongoing global brand communication. In just a matter of several months, we turned the content of the company’s fundamental principles into successfully executed projects. These projects became a preview of what Hitachi Zosen Inova employees can achieve for the improvement of everyone’s future. Because of the use of supportive channels we exceeded expectations in achieving our set goals. Compared to the previous recruitment period, we significantly increased the number of accepted resumes and conducted job interviews for open positions in Bratislava and Levice.

An effective mix of online and offline channels

A well planned-out set of online and offline channels eventually included the use of citylights. Set to impress potential candidates through an audio campaign, the campaign was broadcasted on the second-largest radio station. These efforts were vital in meeting our needs and led to an increase in the general awareness of Hitachi Zosen Inova, along with the delivery of the campaign message to an audience that was basically unreachable in the online space.

Fruitful media

From the final results it was evident that the deployment of YouTube spots exceeded the set KPI by +143% and hence became more than just successful. Establishing a sustainable long-term communication concept, we also outlined a strategy for Hitachi Zosen Inova that aligns with their core principles. To conclude, we are ever-ready for next stages of the collaboration and are strongly positive about amazing results that will significantly surpass our expectation.

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