Brand strategy and design

When creating the brand strategy, we operated with the key factors that define Bubblemania, its main characteristics, and its competitive advantages. Our belief is that a great brand is not just a logo or a slogan. It’s a story that connects with people on an emotional level. It’s a promise that inspires trust and loyalty. It’s a purpose that drives positive change in the world. Hence, we conducted several workshops with stakeholders, using various tools and techniques to elicit insights and ideas. We collected data, stories, feedback, and opinions. We analysed, synthesised, and distilled them into key factors that define Bubblemania, its main characteristics, and its competitive advantages.

Setting the vision, mission, purpose, and values

Thanks to the workshops and subsequent data analysis, we uncovered the brand’s SWOT, advantages, and positioning. Bubblemania targets young people who love fun and freedom. It wants to grow its products and markets and be a recognised brand with a loyal community. This allowed us to articulate a strong vision, mission, purpose, and values for Bubblemania. They guide the brand and explain its existence. Our vision is to make every moment a blast of fun.These are not just words on a wall. They are the guiding principles that shape the brand’s actions and decisions. They are the reason why Bubblemania exists and what it strives for. Our vision is to make every moment a blast of fun.

Brand idea with depth and wit

But having a great strategy is never enough. We also had to bring it to life. We had to create a brand idea that captures the essence of Bubblemania and communicates it in a memorable and engaging way. We came up with a simple and catchy phrase that sums up the brand’s promise and personality: “Boredom buster” It’s a challenge, a call to action, and a statement of intent. It’s a way of saying that Bubblemania is not just a drink; it’s a lifestyle. It’s a way of saying that bubblemania is the antidote to boredom, the cure for the mundane, and the spark for the extraordinary.

The hero product, bubble tea with tapioca balls of different flavours, we therefore put into the level of an uncompromising boredom killer. It calls for a clear action, “sippin’ and poppin’,” that is, to enjoy the favourite “popping” drink. The use of slang allowed us to address the target group of young people more authentically, thus ensuring a higher degree of acceptance of the creative.

Identity screams „joy“

We transformed the envisioned idea into a visually clear and recognizable identity that is immediately recognisable to zoomers. We designed the logo based on expressive typography. We chose a combination of fonts, Clash Grotesk and Clash Display, which together create a pleasant and playful symbiosis. It is complemented by a dynamic symbol composed of a monogram of the letters B and M. This little trick helps it pop out even as the possibly smallest icon of the latest smartwatches.

Secondary fonts Manrope and Arial help us to ensure good readability and variability of typography within the brand communication. We also achieved visual consistency with the selected color palette, which is dominated by shades of light and dark purple, bright green, and turquoise. We achieved the necessary dynamics by using an effective gradient.

Freshness all around

Billboards at bus stops, citylights in shopping malls, and ramps in skateparks — you name it. Bubblemania looks good everywhere, where young people kill boredom. Its fresh colours and playful typography will attract everyone who needs a boost and encouragement.

Trendy merchandise never bores

Bubblemania is a lifestyle. And we want to bring it into the lives of young people through attractive merchandise. Trendy t-shirts, hoodies, hats, socks, stickers, glasses, or practical rubber boots for summer festivals are the “must-have starterpack” for everyone who doesn’t like boredom and wants to enjoy every moment of their unbridled youth and freedom.

Socials make days brighter

You know the feeling. You’re bored, restless, and stuck. You reach for your phone and start scrolling. TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. The same old stuff, over and over again. But what if there was something different? When redesigning Bubblemania, we couldn’t forget about its appearance on all social platforms. Playful typography, crazy colours, and stylish stickers rule not only the physical space but also brighten up the teenage online world.

Packed with zest and edge

We didn’t stop there, though. We also designed labels and packaging for products that reflect the new visual identity. Abstract shapes complemented by custom icons and photos offer the brand enough variability even when creating new products, which Bubblemania plans to expand its portfolio with. Could we make the packaging as fun and engaging as the drink itself? Sure thing! Something that you want to show off, share, and enjoy with your friends. And that’s how we made up a perfect language of youth that basically tells everyone: I’m not boring; I’m Bubblemania.

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