A magical brand concept

Through initial analysis of regional competition in the retail sector and work on defining the company’s vision, mission, and values, as well as understanding these values, we quickly understood the brand’s unique attributes. Defining these values and fundamentals helped us develop the brand idea, which for SUIT DELUX is essential. The “magic” became our primary communication narrative and our brand idea, elevating the sale of beds to a way of experiencing magical moments that often make for a pleasant start to the day or night. Following this brand concept, we also created a new, more descriptive tagline that emphasises that quality sleep can work miracles in dreams and everyday life, whether in terms of mental and physical health or lifestyle.

A brand manual for coherent communication

The SUIT DELUX brand is proud of its 25 years of history in the Spanish market. Its appearance and, especially, its logo are such well-known attributes among the audience that we didn’t want to make significant modifications. In changing the brand concept, we only slightly redefined the principles of logo usage and added a few additional visual assets. We also unified the original colour palette, consisting of various shades of blue, standardised the typographic style, and added other graphic elements such as stars and curved lines. This way, all outputs gained a uniform and easily recognisable character. The subsequent brand book provides the client with a complete overview of how the brand identity will look after its update in different environments and how it should be applied to be truly distinctive.

Unified communication across all platforms

We divided the communication strategy into several phases precisely planned to reach the audience at the right time and place with a specific message. In the first phase, we needed to evoke a strong emotion: happiness and satisfaction. We communicated this concept by connecting magic and the promise of quality sleep. Our goal was to associate the SUIT DELUX brand with positive emotion. In the last stage of communication, we focused on communicating their main products and motivating customers to visit the stores. The communication plan was captivating and equally magical. We developed it in several phases to reach the audience on social media and in offline environments. In addition, we continued to work on the concept of magic in other offline formats, such as creative signage on the company’s vehicles, brochures, promotional flyers, radio spots, and advertising in Spanish newspapers.

Quality content with its own story and sales potential

We designed the content strategy for the client according to the idea of magic, which we reflected on social media and corporate materials such as catalogues, brochures, and e-books. This way, readers of the e-book and customers receiving brochures could instantly feel the charm of their luxurious beds while browsing through these promotional materials. We introduced a magical WOW factor to social media through visual elements and the creative use of artificial intelligence.

Data that exceeded expectations

The true strength of SUIT DELUX’s communication lies in performance marketing. The data we collected provided valuable information about the audience, which allowed us to effectively determine which should be the interaction points of our communication. In a short time, thanks to the collected information and properly configured campaigns, we increased brand awareness and reached a sufficiently relevant audience.

A magical campaign that met its objectives

Long-term communication only works if you have good information about your audience and their buying habits. The main objective of the activation campaign was to get answers to specific questions, after which the user entered into a competition for prizes related to the SUIT DELUX brand. It included, for example, a night in a hotel in the Cantabrian Sea, where the mattresses were from SUIT DELUX. At the end of the campaign, we did not stop at data collection but also used the valuable contacts acquired in the following stages of the communication strategy, including remarketing lists and email marketing actions.

A long-term partnership that generates growth

We developed a strategic partnership with SUIT DELUX throughout the year. The continuous development of new forms of communication and the implementation of the long-term communication plan have shown us new opportunities to implement the brand concept. Having defined our objectives and KPIs, we continue to bring to the world of luxury beds and mattresses an excellent combination of performance marketing, creative copywriting, and other magical ideas. Combining all these factors endows the brand with the status that we set with the client to be achieved and maintained at the beginning of our collaboration.

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