A Shortcut to Understanding the Client

In crafting the brand strategy, we anchored our approach in the core attributes that set LUNYS apart, highlighting its competitive edge. Engaging in multiple sessions with company representatives, we aimed to capture an in-depth perspective on LUNYS: its ethos, external and internal perceptions, its present state, and its aspirations for the future.

Defining the Brand’s Core Pillars

Expertise, reliability, authenticity, and a personal touch – these are the pillars upon which LUNYS has consistently built its reputation. We spotlighted their extensive product range, rapid delivery (serving the entirety of Slovakia), and top-notch customer service as significant competitive advantages, shaping the brand’s mission, vision, values, and essence.

One Idea, Limitless Opportunities

From our findings, it became clear that thanks to LUNYS, the supply chain is significantly shortened, ensuring products reach the customer via the quickest route possible. Individuals or businesses no longer need to journey to stores, juggle orders across multiple e-shops, or wait anxiously for delayed deliveries from unpredictable couriers. With LUNYS, one can simply take a shortcut! This central idea was distilled into our “Brand Idea,” forming the main communication theme of the entire concept.

A Fresh Visual Refresh for Fresh Foods

After defining the strategy and brand idea comprehensively, we turned our attention to the visual identity. The existing logo was enhanced with the new tagline – “A Shortcut to Better Groceries.” The dominant elements of the visual language were the modern Klarheit Kurrent font and the refreshing shades of green and red, perfectly complementing the apple symbol used in the logo.

LUNYS font - skratka k lepším potravinám
LUNYS font - skratka k lepším potravinám

Iconography with a Timeless Touch

Our team crafted a suite of bespoke icons, offering the brand more versatile communication possibilities and evoking a contemporary, attractive visual aesthetic. This icon set is complemented by a pattern inspired by the ‘shortcut’ motif, offering an array of graphic possibilities.

Application of Visual Language

We’ve applied the new visual language and its assets across a wide spectrum of graphic outputs that the brand employs in its daily activities. Thus, the visual shortcut elements can be found on business cards, letterheads, and folders.

Everyday Brand Touchpoints

The visual language was applied consistently across various mediums. Our suite of printed collateral – from business cards to envelopes and letterheads – was enriched with enticing merchandise designs: mugs, pens, tees, caps, and utilitarian shopping bags. We also conceptualised graphics for the delivery vans, integral to LUNYS’s daily operations.

LUNYS šiltovka - skratka k lepším potravinám
LUNYS taška - skratka k lepším potravinám
LUNYS šálka - skratka k lepším potravinám

Isometry as a Signature

A key component of our marketing communication was designs for offline and online touchpoints targeting both B2B and B2C segments. We produced a series of banners, billboards, and city lights dominated by unique photographs employing isometric principles, crafted by our in-house production team. The style was so distinctive that it became a significant asset for LUNYS, making it easily recognisable, memorable, and distinct from competitors.

Key Visual built on the Shortcut

The final appearance of the visuals is constructed through various combinations of the brand’s key elements. While some are dominated by photographs, others prominently feature the shortcut element, which we use as a background or a mask that defines the boundary of the photograph.

LUNYS banner - skratka k lepším potravinám
LUNYS display - skratka k lepším potravinám

Consistency Across Audiences

Visuals designed for communication with customers in the B2B segment incorporate principles of the new visual language. However, they differ in the balance of so-called whitespace and photographs. This lends them a more conservative feel, resonating more keenly with the nuanced requirements of streamlined business dialogue while preserving the brand’s distinctive and consistent identity.

LUNYS display - skratka k lepším potravinám
LUNYS display - skratka k lepším potravinám

Bringing the Brand Closer to Its Audience

We ramped up the brand’s voice on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Aligned with an ongoing brand awareness campaign (and subsequent acquisition campaigns), we prepared an editorial calendar featuring captivating posts. A major emphasis was placed on ensuring these posts were engaging both in content and visual presentation, leading us to a harmonious blend of custom isometric imagery, patterns, and icons.

Consistent Identity, Inside and Out

To deeply integrate this renewed brand strategy and identity into the brand’s daily narrative, we’ve crafted an employee handbook for our client. It encapsulates the essential characteristics of the brand – its vision, mission, purpose, and values – complemented with a snapshot of company perks and other vital insights for both new and longstanding employees. We’ve also extended this visual style to other print materials, both for internal and external audiences, from product flyers and discount promotions to catalogues and employee-centric posters.

LUNYS katalog - skratka k lepším potravinám
LUNYS katalog - skratka k lepším potravinám
LUNYS katalog - skratka k lepším potravinám
LUNYS katalog - skratka k lepším potravinám

The Taste of Exquisite Design?

Furthermore, we crafted a product design concept in the form of labels for juice beverages, potentially a future addition to LUNYS’s portfolio. The label aligns perfectly with the established visual language, evoking the feel of a design-centric premium product.

LUNYS produkty - skratka k lepším potravinám

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