Communication strategy on social networks

Setting up social network communication and its active managing was performed in the spirit of high creativity, quality production and time flexibility. The basic element used in the communication on Facebook and Instagram was a uniform visual signature, which made the brand clearly discernible. It is especially content, not just the engaging format, that immerses and encourages the interaction of social network users.

When building the creative concept, we have considered the communication goals, which we have defined in collaboration with the client and thematically incorporated them into four base lines. In order to fulfill these goals and making of posts, we have particularly focused on the brand’s main idea thread, which aims to profile the BILLA chain as a Quality Food Expert.

Original content with attractive handwriting

During the cooperation, we have created regular thematic posts that presented the BILLA products in an unconventional and visually attractive way. We have systematically invigorated the adjusted tonality of posts by the so-called serial posts, such as “Lemonade Monday, Colorful Friday, Nuts for Monday, smoothie infographics… and many more. The purpose of the serial posts was to encourage fans’ loyalty by creating the habit and expectations based on following a thematic post in a creative, playful and visually appealing way.

Regular traditional and new formats

We achieved the originality and attractiveness of the posts not only by creative content, but also by introducing diverse formats. Accordingly, we have used both traditional and new formats, especially 360° photos, cinemagraphs, stop-motions, animations, or “click to view full image”.

Production from our author’s workshop

Our work, however, was not only the functional setting of the communication strategy in the online environment, including idea-making and copywriting, but also the production itself, which was comprehensively covered by our in-house production team. The purchase of props and raw materials, the installation of indoor and outdoor scenes, foodstyling, photoshooting and subsequent post-production, resulted in what no photobank can substitute – a palpable authenticity and originality. The intensity of production reflected the current communication needs of the brand – promotion of products from the flyer, benefits and competitions for members of the loyalty program, as well as AdHoc creative according to the client’s specifications.

Cooperation with influencers

One of the key communication activities we have provided for the client was the cooperation with influencers. To date, the brand has not been associated with any known personality that would help extend its audience and boost loyalty. That is why we have designed and developed the concept of video-series called “Bez omáčky / No Sauce” which was transformed into two separate outputs – primarily for the YouTube platform.

No Sauce / Bez omáčky with Dominika Dadíková

The video-series was based on the principle of a guest interview (a celebrity), in which the guest‘s eating attitudes, tips, tricks and eating habits were discussed in an spontaneous and entertaining way. We have directed the entire process including the creative concept, the script, the design and composition of the scene, the professional video production, and the graphic and sound post-production.

No Sauce / Bez omáčky tips and tricks with Martin Záhumenský

Another video-series with a shorter runtime was composed on the principle of interesting tips and tricks for using known ingredients, hosted by Martin Záhumenský, an experienced chef. The whole production process and post-production of all episodes of the show was arranged by our in-house production team.

Social care

We have also covered the complex social care services for the BILLA brand. We were responsible for permanent communication of the brand with the fans on social media and increased their customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Under our leadership, the response rate has climbed from the initial 50% to an admirable 90%, while the average response time has been reduced to 8-10 minutes (within the original agreement, the client required us to reach a 15 minute response time). In a close cooperation with regional managers, we were able to promptly communicate customer suggestions, which helped eliminate shortcomings in individual operations and improve their efficiency.

Cooperation results

The actual production of creative content on social networks has brought fruitful results. On Instagram, the BILLA brand has emerged as the second best in comparison to its direct competition, surpassing giants such as Tesco and Kaufland. Permanent social care services have elevated brand communication with their fans to a new level – improving brand perception from the perspective of real and potential customers, as well as providing valuable feedback to regional managers about shortcomings in individual operations.

By creating regular reports on a monthly and later weekly basis, we were able to reflect the overall communication efficiency and success of the set strategy. Transparent analyses provided the client with detailed information not only about the impression of our creative outputs, but also about the efficiency of individual operations in cooperation with regional managers.

18 000+ annually resolved incentives

9+ minute response time (15 minutes required from client)

10+ hours / daily continuous Social care focusing on crisis communication

571% increase in interaction with fans

198% increase of Instagram followers (from 6,000 to 19,000)

The second best on Instagram (compared to direct competition)

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