A project with nature in its heart

The key starting point of our cooperation was to understand the architect’s ideas and to recognize what makes the project unique. We have found out that apart from comfortable urban living, it provides its future owners with something more… which turns out to be the desired peace and relaxation in the natural heart of the Little Carpathians. We immediately felt that such style of housing must simply make everyone fall in love with it. Therefore, we have created a unified, unique idea of ​​falling in love, which breathes a beautiful, pure and emotional soul into the project.

The claim “Fall in love with your new home” has become the central communication element of this extraordinary development project, which we have titled ‘Tillia‘. The name refers to the linden tree (Tilia Cordata), which is a typical part of the flora in Záhorská Bystrica. Moreover, we also found a connection with the linden leaf. Its shape is reminiscent of both the heart and the ground plan of the projected buildings.

Love at first sight

The shape of the heart has become the central motif of the logo and the whole creative concept. The symbol of love and affection, which can also be found in the aforementioned model of the projected buildings, was therefore a clear choice. We have incorporated it into all visual outputs as a specific signature of the Tillia brand. The recipients will thus create not only functional, but also very valuable emotional associations to the brand, which will significantly increase their loyalty.

Visuality in warm tones

We also capture the idea of ​​love in color tonality and typography. We utilize warm shades of red in its various forms – from optimistic orange, through ambitious red, to the passionate blend of burgundy. At the same time, we translate the set color scale not only into the logo, but also into the Hurme Geometric Sans font, which represents the Tillia project throughout its communication.

Activity at the right time

Following the definition of the name and the set up of the functional visualization, we began to create a communication strategy. We have divided the phases of communication into four chronological lines, each with a distinct goal. Our intention in the first phase of communication was to increase the visibility of the project as much as possible. Subsequently, we evoked the need for people to think about the brand and a desire to learn more about it. The raised interest had to be strong enough to encourage people to engage in real activity. The final stage was to cover the communication with the potential and existing customers and provide them with a feeling of maximum helpfulness and care for their needs.

Seeing is believing

We have introduced the visibility phase into practice with truly unparalleled effort. We have designed a series of branded materials, prints and presentation gifts to bring the project to the attention of people in their real environment. The design of business cards, headed notepaper, bags, balloons and many other items carried the spirit of a uniform and easily discernible visuality. The motif of the heart wrapped in the corresponding colors is thus reliably imprinted in people’s minds as the symbol of Tilia, the unique project in the picturesque environment of Záhorská Bystrica.

A city awoken with love

We truly did not underestimate the importance of offline communication. We have created a set of graphic visuals, which clearly radiated the joy and love within the space of the new home. Young, enamored couples therefore drew an unforced attention to the new Tillia project, which grows in the heart of Záhorská Bystrica and communicated its main benefits. The visuality was materialized in the form of billboards, citylights, but also roll-ups or practical presentation brochures.

Communication tailored to current goals

The communication of the project in the online environment cannot be taken for granted. We produce attractive banners on a regular basis, all in diversified formats that reflect the current needs and goals of the project. Therefore, we maintain permanent communication with the client, which helps us to operatively adjust the tonality and frequency of the established strategy and creative concept.


You’re at a good address

An equally important part of our task was also breathing life into the project website. All the benefits and messages that we decided to communicate with the client were transformed into a modern, clear and visually appealing website. The site includes a complete and updated offer of the project’s apartments, as well as all necessary information about the character, location and benefits of living in Tillia. The information is complemented by illustrative graphics that bring a unique and refreshing impression to the overall visual.

Social networks full of love for housing

We utilize social networks to communicate all the benefits of the project, which Tillia can rightfully be proud of.  We publish creative posts on Facebook and Instagram platforms on a regular monthly basis, based on two purpose levels. The first are the so-called “hardsell” posts, whose primary objective is to promote the sale of apartments in Tillia. The balanced counterpart are the “mood” posts, which are intended to evoke positive emotions and allow the audience to develop a sincere relationship with Tillia. In simple words – to fall in love with living in Tillia.

We support the diversity of posts by using multiple formats, ranging from classic picture posts, to author animations and videos, which further enhance the approximation of the project to the general public and potential candidates. The posts also motivate people to visit the Tillia project website, where we communicate all the project benefits, complete information about the apartment offers, as well as the possibilities of obtaining further information.

Fulfilling sales goals is not a matter of chance

We also support the effectiveness of communication with regard to strengthening the client’s sales goals by forming PPC campaigns. We regularly produce visually appealing banners, which communicate the benefits that are crucial for the given period and the fulfillment of the defined objectives. We do not solely focus on the visual form, but also on the overall creditworthiness of campaigns in terms of successful optimization and analytics.

First-hand news

In both offline and online environments, our ongoing effort is to create communication that would deliver the most effective results. Within the Tillia project, such results are the potential, but especially the real customers. In order to successfully reach as many of them, we have included regular mailing of current newsletters in our communication strategy. The newsletters contain news from the construction process, attractive project benefits, as well as useful tips and highlights from the world of ​​interior design, housing planning and activities in the area of ​​Záhorská Bystrica and the Little Carpathians.

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