A better logo for Better Municipality

When creating a logo and establishing a complex visuality, we have drawn on the nature of the application and the main benefits it provides to users. We have transformed detecting problems that resonate in municipalities and cities into a concise pictogram in the form of a magnifying glass aimed at city buildings. These represent the focus on the problems of the city itself, as well as the supervision of the activities overlooked by competent authorities or offices. The logo is clearly and easily legible and at the same time color-correspondent with the tonality of the determined visual identity.

The clear language of colors

When defining the key colors that would breathe the soul into the application, we used the blue and violet color spectrum. Considering the fact that blue evokes reliability, seriousness, professionalism, wisdom, transparency and stability, it is often used in the presentation of financial and technology institutions. Concurrently, this is also the primary color for the RESCO brand. Taking into account the character of the Better Municipality / Lepšia obec application, it is an ideal choice. We decided to complement it with the dominant royal purple admixture, underlining its strength, nobility, purposeful ambitions, and the desire to discover something new.

A website for better interactivity

We have materialized the set visuality into a modern, functional website. Its attractiveness is underlined by isometric graphics, which align with current trends in graphic design. The character of the Better Municipality / Lepšia obec project is also thematically reflected in animations that re-evoke reliability and innovation in technological approaches. We constantly work with it due to its variability, which offers a multitude of possibilities for use, in order to develop it according to current needs.

Social networks for a better life

However, the setting up of a functional visuality was not our only goal. The second phase of our assignment for the Better Municipality / Lepšia obec project was a complex structuring of online communication on social networks. We have created an effective communication strategy applied on Facebook and Instagram platforms, which we have been actively managing on a long-term basis, thus ensuring permanent interaction of the target group with the benefits of the application. Therefore, people have the opportunity to not only familiarize with the features and benefits of the application itself, but are also regularly informed about all submitted and resolved suggestions that provide them with an improved life conditions in their city or village.

Solutions with attractive design

We have transformed the set communication strategy into diversified online and offline touchpoints. We have created a wide range of banners, roll-ups and presentation items that cover the project both visually and ideologically and bring the necessary unity to the communication. Color, typography and playful animations thus create a compact entity, which makes the project Better Municipality / Lepšia obec very easy to identify.

Problems need to be addressed

RESCO’s mobile solutions laid the foundations of today’s CRM system. This is the principle which the Better Municipality / Lepšia obec application operates on. The essence of the Better Municipality / Lepšia obec application lies in the interactive detection of problems, the effective redistribution of competencies to resolve said problems promptly and then provide transparent feedback to all parties involved.


Helping citizens, cities and villages

Thanks to its ability to facilitate the work of local authorities and to ensure greater satisfaction of citizens with the environment which they live in, the application is appreciated all over the world and Slovakia is no exception. Moreover, in the spirit of the sincere local patriotism of the RESCO founders, the application is available free of charge for cities and villages in Slovakia.

MADhack support

As part of the Better Municipality / Lepšia obec project, RESCO organized the MADhack competition for young, active students. The aim of the competition was to combine the enthusiasm for smart technologies and the interest in improving the environment in cities and towns. The competing teams were tasked with devising smart solutions to specific problems – e.g. to design an intelligent system for reporting street lighting disturbances or waste separation solutions.


All the way to the finale, together

Our task was to cover the communication and promotional plane of the competition. In cooperation with a PR agency, we also took care of the involvement of the competition participants – students, representatives of municipalities and cities – to build an active public awareness of the competition. As a part of the final event, we have created all the media outputs – photos, videos and animations.



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