A modern visuality for a mature brand

Belba operates within the world of chemistry. However, you would waste time looking for the company staff in a lab. Their place is out in the field. Side by side with farmers, where they daily help to protect the crops they have grown with so much effort.

The approach of the BELBA brand is not based on the ambition to sell universal medicine for all plant diseases. Quite the contrary. They place the greatest emphasis on understanding the farmers’ needs and careful selection of products for their portfolio. They try to find a specific solution for every problem and treat the plants locally – but only when it is absolutely necessary

BELBA - Budovanie značky - vizuálna identita interiér

A new, attractive logo

The products which farmers apply to the soil help the crops grow with no pests or disease intervention. It is therefore a reciprocal process based on the feedback principle – how the farmer takes care of the soil determines the result which he will reap.

The attitude of the BELBA company is not any different. They take an excellent care of their customers, they are flexible and look for solutions to their specific problems, for which they receive positive feedback and long-term, prosperous relationships. This principle is reflected not only in the brand personality, but also in its basic visual representation in the form of a logo.

A unified visual identity

We used the concept of interdependent and overlapping elements to create the entire brand communication identity. In doing so, we moved the design to an attractive and highly variable level, which allowed us to work with the selected element of the logo in various means of communication.

A specific outline accompanies virtually everything from website design and product catalogs to outdoor advertising media. Additionally, in its specific form, it also complements the look of business cards, headed notepaper and envelopes, bringing the brand’s visuality into a single, consistent entity.

BELBA - Budovanie značky - vizuálna identita
BELBA - Budovanie značky - vizuálna identita folder
BELBA - Budovanie značky - vizuálna identita obálka

An astonishing color

Most companies in the agricultural or supplement segment communicate with natural colors, especially brown and green. Belba, however, differs from their competition. It differs in its approach, size, flexibility and the people who represent it.

The basic colors used in the brand visuality are intended to distinguish the brand from the established cliché in the agricultural segment and to simulate “chemical” colors that rarely occur in nature (especially specific shades of blue and red).

belba farebnost

Utilization of modern graphical trends in identification

In addition to the unique and affluent logotype and an exceptional color scheme, we have created a set of modern design icons for the Belba brand as an important part of the customer’s visual identity.

The icons are always presented in a two-color version and are constructed from line elements. Each icon represents a specific product line, expressed by a graphical abbreviation with corresponding colors.

A familiar relationship between colors and lines

The combination of the defined color scheme and the outline creates a unique communication identity. This provides space for great variability in the used means of expression, while maintaining a clear identity.

The use of a unique visuality has been established in the Belba brand standard guidelines with clearly defined application options for all typical forms of communication.

BELBA - Budovanie značky - logo a design manuál
BELBA - Budovanie značky - vizuálna identita design manuál
BELBA - Budovanie značky - vizuálna identita logo manuál
BELBA - Budovanie značky - vizuálna identita typografia

Practical use

We have transformed the defined use of visuality into brand communication on promotional items and also for identification of the brand into different communication levels within both external and internal communication.

The visuality was also reflected in various brand touchpoints, both offline or online, for everyday interaction or a unique opportunity for the recipient to connect with the brand.

BELBA - Budovanie značky - vizuálna identita mikina
BELBA - Budovanie značky - vizuálna identita mikina
BELBA - Budovanie značky - vizuálna identita hrnček
BELBA - Budovanie značky - vizuálna identita odznak

A clear and visually appealing catalog

Printed communications for the Belba company combine two principles: a unique visual uniformity, defined by an extraordinary combination of the outline shape and color on the one hand, and on the other, the fonts used for quick reading of both short notes and more compact blocks of text. The basic grotesk font is characterized by an easy, fluent readability in all offered sections.

The uniqueness of the Belba company catalog is complemented by the created icons, used not only to revitalize the visuality, but also to divide larger units which subsequently makes the identification and orientation within the printed matter much quicker.

BELBA - Budovanie značky - katalóg
BELBA - Budovanie značky - vizuálna identita katalóg
BELBA - Budovanie značky - vizuálna identita katalóg

Adaptive identity

The designed visuality is characterized by high adaptability for use of different communication formats in different visual conditions while maintaining a clear identity. The used lines and colors are an easily recognizable brand identifier.

BELBA - Budovanie značky - reklama print

Extensive content in a clear form

A modern, visually appealing website contains a number of important and comprehensive units, thus making its functionality very important. It represents one of the essential touchpoints for this brand and therefore, by using best practices and repeated testing, we have managed to attain the functional form of the website.

A clear breakdown, apart from the logical arrangement of the units, the utilized readable fonts and the modern graphics, also helps to achieve product line division by  icons that define the Belba brand.

Clear orientation

The website contains many modern elements that help improve orientation while maintaining a defined visual uniformity. All parts of the website carry a clear reference to the brand’s identity – whether it is a playful outline that brings visual dynamics or color-represented strength, proactivity, inspiration, reliability, energy and optimism.

Communicated values

The company brand does not only include the visual design of the logotype, the definition of typography and color scale, but also its corporate culture, vision and mission. Every company employee has a positive relationship not only to nature as such, but also to agriculture. The continuous effort of the company to contribute to the formation of our country is also reflected in customer satisfaction.

The growth in the number of clients who were served directly in the field indicates their satisfaction with the offered services and products. Moreover, they appreciate the efforts of the company’s employees who rely on the expert judgments of academics from reputable institutions in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

BELBA - Budovanie značky - vizuálna identita webstránka

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