The change is positive and necessary

If nothing changes, nothing changes. Equipped with this quote, we embarked on the journey of creating a title for the project whose original name sounded too professionally and rather eerie – Stratification of Hospitals. It is a project that has the ambition to bring about major changes in healthcare, thus it was necessary to point out. Subsequently, the Healthy Change / Zdravá zmena emerged as the new title. It is a word play expressing that change is healthy and necessary for society, but at the same time it refers to the health system itself and provides the project with a clear thematic framework. Moreover, the word change symbolizes the suspension of the so-called mental shortcuts (or autopilot) and supports an independent introspection into the new situation.

Medical cross in an attractive design

At the beginning of the cooperation and in order to ensure consistent project communication, we have designed a basic visual representation in the form of a logo. The logo includes a familiar symbol of health – the cross, which is composed of four capsules representing medicaments that form its specific shape. At the same time, the logo consists of four different color segments, which motivatingly refer to the four basic themes that the Healthy Change / Zdravá zmena project wants to address.

Color tonality with a vision of hope

The visual foundation is therefore the concept of four basic colors: green, blue, orange and red. Every color communicates a clear message: blue symbolizes trust, green evokes growth, orange elicits optimism and positive attitude, and red epitomizes ambition. We have also transferred color tonality into typography. We use a font called Poppins and its corresponding variations.

Manual for a healthy change

The established idea of ​​visual communication is anchored in practical and comprehensive brand guidelines. We specify the basic points of visual identity and clarify the rules for using color and typography within the logo manual. The design manual then introduces the application of the defined visuals in practice – we provide a preview of the graphical look of selected touchpoints in both online and offline environments.

Patient’s rights come first

Innovations in the healthcare system are generally accepted with a great deal of concern and criticism. These concerns tend to escalate in particular when it comes to optimizing costs or attempts of healthcare streamlining. We were well-prepared for the skeptical attitude of citizens from the beginning and we have built the communication concept on an open dialogue that does not place demands on citizens but rather the authorities. Therefore, the project communicates – in multiple online and offline environments – with simple messages in the form of a citizen’s demand to which they respond through the Healthy Change / Zdravá zmena agenda. It demonstrates that the project respects people’s demands and will focus primarily on carefully fulfilling them in the long term.

A design that doesn’t get lost in healthcare

The concept of four carefully selected colors, however, is not only applied in the logo, but occupies a significant position in the entire visual identity of the project. During its conception, we have combined two colors rather than limiting ourselves by just using one. Each combination was assigned to only one topic at a time and consistently represented it across all touchpoints of the communication. This specific approach has enabled us to create an attractive and playful design that does not get lost in the entanglement of common health topics and clearly draws attention to the new ministry’s agenda, which is truly essential for the public.

An interactive guide to healthy changes

We also transform the communication concept for the Healthy Change / Zdravá zmena project into a modern and organized website. The website aims to provide information about the Healthy Change / Zdravá zmena project and its benefits to citizens and the general public in a simple, comprehensible way. The site is therefore functionally divided into thematic sections according to the nature of the changes that the new project will bring into our lives. The sequence of steps and changes that the site informs about is also communicated by the continuous color change. We also increase attractiveness of the content by the used infographics and the supply of useful information in the form of articles and PR reports.

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