A strong foundation of four brands

Despite the oversaturated market within this field, over the past 7 years, the company has been able to build a foundation of four brands that operate independently and develop primarily in the online space through their progressive approach to technology. The mentioned brands had no issues with obtaining and executing contracts. However, the lack of architecture and clear delineation of brand positions in the existing portfolio seemed chaotic over time, and this ambivalence of the company, especially in the online space, began to cause reputation problems.

Workshop with stakeholders reveals a lot

At the introductory meeting with the client, we realized that solving the 6-year-long problem with an uncontrolled growth of the four brands in the portfolio would not be simple. After analyzing the current situation of the brand, its communication, but also the competition, we came up with an elegant solution that meets the requirements of the client and is at the same time comprehensible for the wide range of customers of the company.

PA sophisticated brand architecture

We have organized all brands from the portfolio into the so-called supported brand architecture (a specific variant of the House of Brands), whose individual brands act independently at a glance, but have a common denominator, whose task is to pass the perception of quality and reliability of masterbrand. In addition, the brands in the portfolio are not separated only by visual and verbal expression, individual websites and staff, but also by positioning – that is, by specifically placing the brand in the consumer’s mind.

While the QProfil sub-brand targets a group of innovators who are willing to pay more for state-of-the-art technology and the highest standard, the AG Window brand focuses attention on the price-sensitive customers. While the Demter brand benefits from a long-established awareness and tradition, the Net Windows sub-brand seeks to gain audience favor, in particular through its above-standard care.

A brand with a clear competitive advantage

The problem with the architecture of the brand portfolio reached a new dimension during the consultation with the client – it manifested mainly in the absence of the main brand differentiation element (USP). There is an immense competition in the segment of plastic windows and the product often becomes a commodity. However, thanks to the analysis of the purchasing process and the competition, we managed to find out to what the brand (unconsciously) owes its success, and we have built its basic principles on this benefit. In an environment where the product stays innovative only for a short period of time, the perfect customer care – in which Miverob progressively thrives – wins. We have also supported this competitive advantage by designing a range of measures from automated notification emails and streamlining electronic customer communication to CRM processes.

Imaginative visuals miles ahead of the competition

During the strategic assessment of Miverob’s brands and based on our analysis, we have also discovered major insufficiencies in visual communication. We have replaced the inconsistent typography and the constant change of colors and graphic elements without a clear concept with an extensive and comprehensive identity that communicates consistently and will represent the entire family of brands over the long term. The new logo became the basic building element. Given the amount of strategic workshops with the client, we have acquired very accurate information about the business, nature and ambitions of the brand, which reliably led us to the creation of a flawless logotype. Its aim is to not only express the category in which the brand operates, but also a unique sales argument – an excellent customer care.

Design and photo variability

To increase the design variability, we have also designed a simple pattern and consistent style of photography used in various means of communication. The unique pattern is created by deliberately moving the elements of the logo that create the three basic product lines of the brand – windows, doors and gates. The resulting shapes were suitably complemented by a simple repeating pattern of a solid gray square, which supplemented the entire pattern with necessary airiness. We have also designed a style of photography that is quite exceptional for the plastic window segment. The main element of the photos was not a cool, impersonal window profile, but a happy family with a non-aggressive presentation of the product in the background.

Classic color in modern design

Due to existing brand awareness, we have made only minimal color changes in the process of creating a new visual identity. We highlighted the simple red color with a pleasant tonality with red-raspberry elements and replaced the obligatory black with the more attractive steel blue. Utilizing this classic fusion allowed us to achieve a friendly look that does not come across aggressive nor boring in a suitable combination.

Pure typography with unconventional elements

Unification also occurred in typography. We selected Gotham in all its sections as the basic font for working with the brand. For large headlines and slogans, we also used the linear Gotham Bold, whose use is limited to full-color and non-contrasting areas. This relatively little-used typographic style complements the entire visual identity of the brand and allows it to aesthetically highlight the parts of the text that are important.

A website open to client’s needs

An important part in establishing the brand was also the formation of a functional and modern website that would cover the entire family of brands. The user-friendly interface and minimalist design provide the visitor with a sense of clean, luminous space that further enhances the overall clarity and intuitive orientation. A specific visual element is the unique pattern based on the logo of the MIVEROB masterbrand.

An important section of the website is a blog whose content we author. The thematic articles with CTA elements aim to present the brand as an expert in the field, who is again a step closer to its customers. By providing valuable information and practical solutions, the brand is building a new base for its potential customers while strengthening the loyalty of existing ones.

The results of collaboration

The collaboration with the client results in the design of a clear brand architecture, a new visual identity defined by the USP, as well as brand values, vision and mission. Defining positioning for all sub-brands and the masterbrand has also become a key activity of our collaboration, thanks to which the brands do not cannibalize, but complement one another in an appropriate way. We continue to cooperate with the client to implement the proposed principles into internal and external communication and various touchpoints in both online and offline environments.

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