The message, vision and mission of the brand

The starting point for setting the brand strategy was to set out the company’s main message, vision and mission. We defined the message of the KRAUSE company as a never-ending endeavor for everyone to be accepted, understood and respected. The brand’s vision is for this change to be long-term and sustainable.

Therefore, we decided to transform the typical sterile environment of the clinic into a place of hope, assurance and trust, where clients would receive psychological assistance at the highest professional level. The brand’s mission is thus clear – to provide people with the help that will improve their mental health in the long term, taking into account the availability, expertise and exceptional quality of these services.

The first choice in gaining mental balance

The KRAUSE company has a beneficial added value – human approach, competence and first-class care, which is a missing element in most psychological outpatient clinics in Slovakia. These qualities make it an unequivocal first choice for companies and individuals who seek to develop or are in need of professional psychological assistance.

The will to change people’s lives for the better, to help clients cope with their everyday worries, life traumas, or to develop their personality is encoded in the DNA of every member of the KRAUSE  ompany. What makes the brand exceptional is far more than just professional assistance reflecting years of experience. Its uniqueness lies especially in the ability to create a client-friendly relationship founded on openness, humanity and trust.

A brand with a good personality

The personality of the brand is an embodiment of its main features and elements which represents it both within the company and in relation to its clients, business partners and the general public. In the case of the KRAUSE brand, we have divided these features into four key pillars that have inspired the brand’s character:

When a name is a guarantee of quality

Using a name as a brand is not a popular (or recommended) step nowadays. Yet, if its bearer happens to be a well-known personality whose name resonates positively in the minds of the general public, such decision is guaranteed to hit the mark. However, KRAUSE’s portfolio is quite broad and the summary of all activities under one name might have been confusing for clients. Therefore, we have decided to build a complex – monolithic brand architecture in relation to these strategic starting points.

The brand family is thus created by the masterbrand and the sub-brands derived from it, each dedicated to individual category of activities. Each sub-brand bears the surname of the company founder, PhDr. Robert Kraus, PhD., which is supplemented by a specific name reflecting a particular field of activity. This approach helped us to achieve a mutual unity defined by the masterbrand and at the same time the necessary differentiation for an unambiguous addressing of the target group.

An authentic logo suited for your needs

Typography of the logo is linear, serif-free, complemented by the hallmark of simplicity and originality. The open letters in the brand name are a significant element, as they evoke communication openness, friendliness and trust. Therefore, we modified the font so that the individual letters did not contain any closed elements. We removed the natural partitions from the letters R and A to further accentuate the brand’s open communication approach.

A friendly language of letters

The KRAUSE brand typography is based on the idea of barrier-free communication. We maintain a unified entity of colors, lines and fonts that together create a pleasant and undisturbed harmony.


In terms of color of the masterbrand, we use earthy shades of brown and gold, which evoke stability, experience, trust, but also a noticeable touch of professionalism and elegance. On the other hand, subbrands consist of a wide range of colors, each representing a different brand subcategory. Within these subcategories we worked with tone-to-tone color tonality, which underlines the impression of stability, certainty and trust.

Prepared to face any challenge

The established visualization is applicable to various touchpoints, both in online and offline environments. We designed a series of branded items and printed materials whose graphic manuscript clearly presents the KRAUSE brand as a stable, reliable and open to the needs of its clients.

A book with a comprehensible message

A part of our work was also the preparation of a visual face for the cover of author’s book by PhDr. Robert Krause, PhD. The cover is dominated by vibrant blue, which is the distinct color of the KRAUSE Clinic subbrand. A substantial signature is a one stroke line drawing, whose message is metaphorically reflected by the casting shadow.

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