Seven decades of steadfast production

The HYZA brand has a long history, during which it has been significantly formed, but its core has been preserved. After years of natural living and shaping its values, the company has decided to formally anchor them so that they are understandable, consistent and binding not only across the company, but also for suppliers and business partners. Our task was to transpose the brand through this process and get a wider range of employees involved.

Clear mission, strong values

At the beginning of the project, we attended several interactive workshops with management and representatives of all key areas of the HYZA company. Through extensive brainstorming, we enabled employees to express themselves, but also to get to know the opinions of their colleagues and to find penetrations between them. This information, along with the results of the consumer survey, became irreplaceable in further cooperation with the brand and allowed us to define its key values, adjust the mission and vision of the brand and the tonality of communication.

Compass for brand management

We summarized the formulated attributes of the brand, the definition of the target audience, the analysis of the product portfolio and other outputs for the client in a single document – the Brandbook. It serves as a foundation and compass, which makes it easier for the brand to make fundamental decisions about its direction. However, the submission of the Brandbook does not conclude our cooperation with the client and therefore we continue to actively participate in the cultivation of the brand and its communication within the company and outwards.

Hyza brand strategy - brandbook cover
Hyza brand strategy - brandbook page example

The need for packaging redesign

HYZA operates in the fast-moving goods segment, in which production constantly adapts to current customer requirements. The composition of the brand’s range is the result of a response to market demands and is growing gradually along with changes in their purchasing behavior. The HYZA company is aware of the importance of maintaining consistent packaging design and their long-term attractiveness on the store counter, so it also approached us in creating a new design language that would be able to sustain the needs of the brand in the long run and quickly respond to new changes.

Responsible approach

Before we fully embarked on the creation of a new design system, we carried out a thorough analysis of the various types of packaging, weights, flavors and sizes of current products. An essential part of this process was a workshop with brand stakeholders, based on which we jointly designed the architecture of product lines, defined unifying and differentiating elements of the design and verified the feasibility of the projections.

In preparation of the outlets for creation of the new design, we fully realized that even the smallest miscalculation could result in negative consequences in the form of declining sales, loss of interest in the product by consumers, inability to find the product or discern the brand from the competition.

A combination of tradition and modern design

When redesigning the product portfolio, we relied on the tradition represented by the HYZA brand and the modern approach it applies in production as well as in market behavior. Our goal was to unite two seemingly contradictory ideas (tradition and modernity) and thus create a completely new, attractive and clearly distinguishable packaging design. A modern, geometric symbol of the chicken became the central motif of the new packaging design.

An iconic visual symbol

The iconic element of the chicken, based on the folk pattern designed on the occasion of the brand’s 70th anniversary, was subsequently supplemented with a transparent window presenting the product and we extended the appearance of the packaging with other elements of the folk pattern. By combining new elements, we have managed to create a unique design that is immediately discernible from the competition and at the same time provides the brand with sufficient variability when used across the entire product portfolio.

New design application

We have incorporated new elements of packaging design, distinctive typography and the well-esteblished colors of the HYZA brand into all parts of the product portfolio. We also proposed logical changes in the creation and application of the nomenclature, which created a precondition for easy implementation of other products into existing and new product lines. Therefore, in the case of alterations, the brand will be able to flexibly react, expand or narrow its portfolio while maintaining long-term visual consistency.

Hyza brand identity - packaging case study
Hyza brand identity - packaging case study

Activation of changes on social networks

We also communicate the refresh of the brand’s key attributes and the new packaging design on the social networks Facebook and Instagram. The consistent original content, which is taken care of by our in-house production team and experienced social networking specialists, regularly achieves high interactions and positive reactions from fans.

On social networks, we utilize elements of seriality, we communicate competitions, traditional Slovak recipes, as well as specific tastes from foreign cuisines. Fans can get inspired by traditional costumes, dialect words, fun puzzles, or content from the workroom of collaborating influencers.

Unified product photos

We also transferred the design of the new packaging to product photos, which were used not only on the HYZA website, but also in several promotional materials, product catalogs and leaflets of retail stores, which again unified the overall image of the brand’s products.

Hyza brand identity - produktové foto
Hyza brand identity - produktové foto
Hyza brand identity - produktové foto
Hyza brand identity - produktové foto
Hyza brand identity - produktové foto
Hyza brand identity - produktové foto

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