Thoughtful Steps Forward

Understanding the core of redk’s identity was fundamental. We delved into extensive market research, analyzing past and current trends in the segment. Our journey began with uncovering the elements that have been integral to redk since its inception, gathering insights and ideas from both internal and external sources. This approach, rooted in our “The Inside Out” mindset, led to the development of a narrative around redk’s vision, mission, and brand purpose. This narrative formed the foundation of a new strategy designed to effectively engage professionals and companies seeking more efficient internal processes.

Riding the Wave of Change

We sought to differentiate redk from its competitors while staying true to its core values. Drawing inspiration from history and the evolution of modern society in response to technological advancements, we envisioned waves of change as a central motif. This symbolism resonated with redk’s position as a leader in digital transformation, continually pioneering new waves of change in service digitalization and business management.

New Brand, New Dimension

The transformation was the key to everything. We redesigned redk’s brand communication to be playful and creative, reflecting a new dimension of engagement. Through a thorough competitive analysis, we identified underutilized visual assets and a lack of clear values in redk’s previous communications. To address this, we focused our branding efforts on the concept of the wave, aligning it with current trends while emphasizing its enduring centrality.

The Real Game Changer

A rebranding without a redesigned website would not give a dot after the job. We think of design as the packaging of technology; that’s actually what it is. Our holistic approach led us to develop an attractive concept for redk’s website modernization, focusing on maximizing conversion rates through a redefined onboarding process and improving the user experience. Dynamic front-end animations and parallax effects added a touch of flair, while clear user-flow definitions and content architecture restructuring improved overall usability, meeting the KPIs set during discovery workshops.

A Clear Signal of Progress

redk’s progress extends beyond the online realm. Together, we crafted visually compelling print-ready marketing materials, including brochures, business cards, and corporate presentations. These offline assets serve as important touchpoints for its communication and promotion. As redk continues to navigate through the rapidly changing technology landscape, ongoing brand development initiatives ensure its position as a leader in the field.

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