On the wings of trends

In our efforts to navigate successful social media content, we believe that such a journey begins with a well-crafted communication strategy. Each year, we offer our clients a comprehensive idea—sort of a unifying umbrella under which communication will unfold throughout the year. This approach ensures consistency and relevance across various platforms.

When shaping these ideas, we meticulously align them with the brand’s established strategy. Our goal is to infuse innovation, reflect current trends, and meet the client’s specific needs and objectives.

Speaking of, we are laser-focused on positioning the HYZA brand as a leader within the domestic market—one that is intimately connected to people’s lives. By perpetually enhancing brand awareness and expanding our fan base across profiles, we aim to create a lasting impact.

Brand as the square one

Sustaining continuity with creative engagement—actively engaging an audience and consistently delivering valuable content—can be a long-term challenge. That’s why we opt for proven approaches, infusing them with novelty, creativity, and allure.

Our communication strategy begins with the brand idea—a long-standing concept that resonates with consumers. But we don’t stop there. We enrich it with fresh formats and content that captivate and, most importantly, interact. For the HYZA brand, this idea revolves around the notion of “good addresses.” It signals to the audience that they’re choosing quality poultry products with a trusted origin. This message now echoes in the brand’s tagline: “Kurča z dobrej adresy” (Chicken from a good address). It plays a pivotal role in our social media communication.

Visual identity and brand assets are no less important. In fact, beyond the brand idea, visual identity is crucial. Accompanied by what we call “brand assets,” it ensures the brand remains visually cohesive, attractive, and instantly recognizable.

Explore our case study on how we crafted branding and packaging for the HYZA brand.

Valuable content-making

Crafting social media content for social media involves more than just aesthetics—it’s about strategy. Our approach hinges on two critical criteria that shape not only the content’s form but also its frequency and character. The first criterion revolves around the target audience and the appropriate platform. While older demographics primarily engage on Facebook, younger generations seek content on Instagram and TikTok. By tailoring our content to these preferences, we strike the right balance between format and tone of voice.

The second criterion stems from defined communication objectives. Our mission extends beyond mere entertainment and inspiration; we aim to educate our audience. Whether it’s through captivating visuals or thought-provoking narratives, our content serves a purpose.

Entertain, inspire, and educate

We thrive on bringing people interesting recipes that originate not only from our own creative kitchen but also from tips provided by fans and popular influencers. This engagement fosters what we call user-generated content, enhancing fan involvement and community building.

We deliver entertainment through various interactive contests, quizzes, and the sharing of intriguing facts and information. But our goals extend beyond entertainment; we aim to educate our audience. We provide not only useful tips for healthy eating but also increase awareness about the HYZA brand itself—its approach, mission, and values.

On a regular, monthly basis, we also create proprietary in-house photo and video productions, ensuring a consistent style across social networks while reflecting modern trends in gastronomy and food styling.

Influencers part of the Success Formula

Influencers are the heartbeat of HYZA’s social media communication. And they’re certainly not absent from the HYZA brand’s communication strategy. When selecting influencers, we consider several criteria: their relevance to our communication themes, follower count, reach, and the tone of voice they use on their channels.

Our influencer collaborations span both macro- and micro-influencers. While macro influencers build brand awareness for HYZA, micro influencers activate audiences during product campaigns. We’ve successfully partnered with numerous well-known names, including Graciosooo, Milan bez mapy, Janatini, Marek Fašiang, Cestuj za menej, Vinárova žena, Simona Malková, Denník nevyspatej matky, Mimipelikan, Simona Malková, Andy Stech, Jahodiss, Chlop v kuchyni, and Refresher.sk.

Thanks to all these above-mentioned collaborations, we continually expand our fan base. In 2023 alone, our Instagram followers surged by an impressive 278%!

Our long-standing collaboration with renowned chefs yields a wealth of inspirational culinary tips for the HYZA brand. Through video recipes, we create, edit, and tailor content to suit various platforms and formats. On YouTube, we’ve already prepared 43 recipes, which by the end of 2023 could boast nearly 100,000 views.

Community management

Community management plays an important role in our social media management services for our client, HYZA. This involves interactive communication with fans who leave comments, reactions, or questions under our posts. Our task, in collaboration with the client, is to address and resolve these inputs to the satisfaction of the customer or commenter.

Another integral part of our service package is media monitoring. We regularly track, evaluate, and inform the client through periodic reports, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the brand’s social media impact.

Page-like campaigns

Page Like campaigns are crucial for increasing fan numbers on social networks and do more than just boost numbers—they connect with potential customers, build brand communities, enhance credibility, and spark interest in HYZA’s products. These campaigns, tailored to demographics, interests, and behaviors, not only attract followers but also build a community aligned with HYZA’s values. The effectiveness of these campaigns lies in creating social proof; a substantial following and active engagement build trust and set the stage for future success.

Delicious results of cooperation

We have successfully positioned the HYZA brand at the top of the social media performance leaderboard, where it significantly leads over its direct competitors in most key indicators. On Instagram, in terms of engagement, it leads its category and is second in terms of followers, with 12.4 thousand. On Facebook, the HYZA profile leads with more than 32 thousand followers and also leads in engagement, with over 94 thousand interactions in 2023.

Through consistent effort, we have been achieving our communication goals long-term and delivering content to our audience that includes, among other things, information about the brand’s key attributes, strategic positioning, and product portfolio.

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