Global dynamic market and neverending customer expectations force brands into the digital sphere. A sphere where instant consumer gratification with just a few clicks is the new normal.

The real question is, how do you stand out from the plethora of brands in each market? The key is persistence. Constant above and beyond customer service, combined with a unbeatable value proposition that emotionally connects with your audiences. That secret ingredient that everyone keeps coming for. It warms people’s hearts, makes them laugh and creates so much wanted bond between them and your brand. Brands should focus on creating exceptional experiences – offline and online.

The WOW effect

In order to create long-lasting customer relationships, you need to cause an unforgettable experience. When creating it, you rely on strong ‘touchpoints’ between the customer and the brand. Consistently positive, for brand associations that stick.

The brand experience is a holistic set of activities aimed at creating a positive feeling in the customer’s mind about a particular product, service or company. It combines different means by which brands interact with consumers. The desired result is an environment filled with reliability and trust that clearly links the brand to a specific need or emotion.

Brand experience is slowly but surely becoming a key part of brand building. Leading companies recognise the desire for “experience” and falling behind in delivering could put them on the back burner.

Who does it well? Let’s take a look.

Bringing Jack Daniel’s to life with unique packaging

3 elements. Technology, honest craftsmanship and a fresh idea. The perfect blend for an extraordinary brand experience. Through unique packaging on Jack Daniel’s drink. What is it all about?

This alcohol brand bet on an augmented reality app and the risk paid off. App turns the bottle labels into an immersive experience where Jack Daniels’s stories come back to life. Pretty impressive, right?

This storytelling platform reveals the origins of the brand founder, previews the whisky production process and takes you on a virtual tour of the distillery. Through technology, we can for a moment jump the time and space and activate positive emotions in consumers wherever they are.

Sundance Film Festival in Virtual Reality

Feeling itchy for a good festival, but pandemic still around? Sundance festival overcame these challenges swiftly. They created a unique platform where fans can enjoy a world-class experience from the comfort of their living rooms.

Not forcing physical event into a digital space, they went off on a different avenue – a futuristic space reality that is a demonstration of what VR is capable of. How does it work?

The platform runs through Engadget with any Oculus or PC VR headset. Turning the UTAH mountains into a cosmic garden floating above the Earth and surrounded by stars.

The creators’ goal was to capture the global cinema experience with that little bit extra. VR also provides a cocktail area (called the Film Party Room) where avatars can meet, dance and chat like at a normal festival.

Dolce & Gabbana modelling drones

The fashion megastar brand is leading by example with its innovative adoption of technology in its latest fashion shows. When presenting the new handbags collection for the 2018/19 season, the designers swapped beautiful models on the catwalk for decorated drones.

But Dolce and Gabbana didn’t invent the wheel in this case. They smartly borrowed the idea from Betabrand, which in 2015 presented its collection in Silicon Valley also using drones.

Fake or real? Burberry getting the upper hand

Swanky fashion brand Burberry, a major player in the fashion segment, implemented Entrupy’s image recognition technology along with AI support into its app back in 2017. Thanks to advanced algorithms, it can judge whether a product is real or fake.

Customers are now truly equipped to fight against low-quality imitations. What’s more, Burberry is using AI for sophisticated analytics, to further improve its customer experience and better understand its customers’ buying behaviour.

Are you missing the train?

The evolution of technology and its impact on society is so tangible, that brands can hardly ignore it. To remain relevant to their audience and to sharpen their competitive advantage, technology and its latest innovations should be part of all brands’ strategies.