Animation and live-action production

Project preparation began with careful production planning. In cooperation with the partner production studio PURPLE SMITH, we provided the client with the design and production of costumes, which were provided by clothing designer Ingrid Kakodyiová (IngK) and covered the entire process of production and subsequent post-production of videos. In order to make the performances attractive even for the smallest viewers, we decided to shoot on a green key background (green screen), which allowed us to cut the characters from the image in the post-production and place them in tailor-made, animated illustrations.

Tailor-made illustrations

The FITSHAKER brand truly cares about the quality of its products, and the new KIDshaker children’s program was no exception. The choreography of the exercises is directly linked to the author’s songs from the workshop of the couple Tony and Tina, to whom we also adapted the video environment itself.

Simple shapes, contrasting colors

The illustrations are designed based on the content of the songs and complemented by striking but non-aggressive branding. They are characterized mainly by simple shapes, contrasting colors and small details in the form of the so-called grain effect.

Precisely processed animations

The necessary dynamics of the videos are completed by precisely processed animations of objects and the whole environment of the scene. Flying airships, animals on the run, but also blinking cabbage or radish in the heat of dance can attract even the most active children and give parents at least a moment to rest, which they desperately need during demanding working days.

Premium content for everyone who likes to exercise

We have prepared a total of five parts of the new KIDshaker training program for the client, and we are working intensively on the preparation of new episodes. All videos will be available on the FITSHAKER platform along with other premium content and will serve thousands of users throughout Slovakia.

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